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Owning a blog is a great way to both improve sales and increase your popularity online. There are literally millions of blogs on a variety of different subjects. Some blogs are business-related while others are written by people who are simply talking about their everyday lives. If you own a blog, there is a good chance that you use it to either bring in a little bit of money or promote your company. Even if your blog is used for personal interaction, you might have links and advertisements on the page for visitors to click on. The main question that you might be asking yourself would be how many times per week should you be blogging.

Why Own a Blog?

Owning a blog can be beneficial in more ways than just one. If you own the blog for your company, blogging is a way for you to get people interested in your product or service. If you own a personal blog but have advertising links on your page, you are relying on your blog to bring in more visitors who will click on these links. Having a blog can be highly beneficial to you when it comes to increasing revenue and traffic to your site. In many cases, adding a blog to a company website allows you to become more personable to your clients. It gives them a chance to learn more about your company and make use of tips that you might include in your blog entries.

How Often Should You Be Blogging?

The question that many people have when it concerns their blog would be how often should they actually be blogging. There are two different things that you can do that can be a problem for your blog in general. Blogging too often, as in more than once a day, can confuse your visitors. Visitors often like to visit their favorite blogs daily. It is going to confuse and frustrate them if they are missing out on blog entries because you are writing too much. Even though a lot of people will tell you that it’s good to blog very often, blogging too much can actually hurt your site’s reputation and confuse your visitors.

How-Many-Times-Per-Week-Should-You-BlogLikewise, not blogging enough is going to frustrate visitors and cause them to lose interest. If a person visits your blog once a week and is constantly seeing old posts and nothing new, they are going to click off of the site. One of the main reasons someone visits your blog is to keep up with new and interesting things that are going on either in your company or in your personal life. If a blog is kept dead for weeks at a time, this is going to cause people to lose interest in your site. That person might even forget to visit your blog because they never get any use out of it.

Now that you know that blogging too often and not blogging enough are both issues that could affect your standing on the Internet, it comes down to knowing how often to blog. In general, the simple question to this is that you should strive to blog about four to five times a week. This allows the blog to keep itself updated and fresh without too many new entries for people to have to read over. By updating four or five times a week, people will be able to catch up on the days you’re not blogging and then read the new entries when you do write one. It’s a great way to keep people informed at all times and interested in your website.

How to Update a Blog

Now that you know that you should be blogging about four or five times a week, it is important for you to realize how vital your entry content really is. It is better that you do not blog at all one day than to blog an entry that is too advertising or is non-informative to your visitors. People who are visiting your site want to gain information. They might be looking to see what’s going on in your personal life if it’s a personal blog, or they might be interested in company news and how-to articles if you run a blog associated with your business.

If you simply compose entries that offer no real information or value to your readers, they are going to lose interest very quickly. It is actually better for you not to blog than to blog with entries that are short, vague and offer no information to your visitors. Even though it’s recommended that you blog on your site four or five times a week, you need to make sure that those blog entries actually hold value to your readers. You want your readers to feel the need to comment, click on other links and return to the blog often because they are interested in what they’re reading.

How-to-Update-a-BlogFor company owners who have a blog associated with their business, you might be wondering what types of entries you could write that will keep your visitors interested. Let’s say that you own and operate a pest control business. Your blog entries each week can range from how-to articles on keeping your home free of pests to what to expect when the customer hires you for your services. By keeping the entries informative, fun and enlightening, you will find that people actually want to visit your blog often.

The Importance of Your Blog Entries

Blogging is a great way to get more people to visit your site often. Many new search engines also look for sites that are kept updated with informative content. This basically means that blogs that are left dead for weeks or months at a time will rank lower when someone does a search for it. In order to keep your blog ranking within a good range, it needs to be kept updated. You also need to strive for valuable content that is going to interest your many readers.

The important thing that comes with updating your blog often is that you are getting more visitor flow throughout the day. People are visiting your site so that they can read all of the new entries. Having more visitor flow increases your standing with most search engines, and this can be a benefit if you own a business online that is also attached to the blog. You might rely on your visitors to click links, or you might even be getting paid to blog about certain products. Increasing your blog ranking is the best way to make more money as a professional blogger.

You will find that owning a successful blog takes time to grow and nurture. You cannot open a domain, start blogging every other day and expect to make thousands within your first week. Blogging takes a long time to establish, so you need to put the time and effort into your blog so that it can continue to grow and bring in more visitors. The amount of visitors you are able to bring in will help when it comes to earning money doing something that you love.


Written by James Parsons

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