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Eight Types of Plugins That Make Writing WordPress Posts EasierPublished by James Parsons • Category: Search Engine Optimization

Blogging exploded into the online scene in the late 1990s and has shown, thus far, no signs of decreasing. In fact, everything about blogging indicates it is increasing at a phenomenal rate and will continue this growth for years to come. The latest figure suggests there are over 152 million blogs on the Internet with a new blog being created every half a second†. And the reasons are understandable. Blogs are traffic magnets. In some cases, they’re literal sales magnets.

As a result, bloggers invariably seek ways to facilitate the blogging process. They look for things like speed, efficiency and performance particularly during the writing process. Luckily for us, programmers are more than happy to fulfill our requests by offering a plethora of plugins. There are currently over 30 thousand available plugins that quicken or ease some aspect of blogging. Here, we introduce just eight types that should make writing and/or editing WordPress posts a lot easier.

Importer Plugins

One of the easiest ways to get content onto your WordPress blog is to import content that already exists on a different blog. To date, some of the more popular non-WordPress blog services include Tumblr, Blogger, TypePad and LiveJournal. A couple of the more popular blogging platforms are Joomla and Drupal.

Because of the way these services and platforms accept, store, and display date, they are, for the most part, incompatible with each other. That makes importing plugins extremely valuable to the blogger who wants to quickly fill his or her blog with existing content. Here’s a short list of plugins that can help you migrate a different blog to WordPress.

  • CMS2CMS: Automated Drupal to WordPress Migration
  • Tumblr Importer
  • Movable Type and TypePad Importer
  • SEO Blogger to WordPress Migration using 301 Redirection
  • LiveJournal Importer

If you don’t use any of the platforms or services described above, you may be able to import existing content with one of the following plugins. These perform the same functions that the plugins listed above perform – only they work with exported .CSV files.

  • Simple Content Upload by CSV
  • Advanced CSV Importer with Ultimate User Friendly Features
  • One more way to get existing content into a current blog is with an embedder, like the Google Doc Embedder. This plugin embeds over a dozen different types of files including Adobe Acrobat files, Microsoft Office files, PostScript files, and more.
  • Google Doc Embedder

Other embedding plugins include:

  • Facebook Posts Embedded
  • Cross-Network posts

Reusable Content Plugins


Sometimes the same content needs to appear on every post or on a set of posts such as the posts assigned to a particular category. Examples may be a special sales promotion, a random quote or a site-wide maintenance message. On a large blog consisting of hundreds or thousands of posts, copying or typing this type of content to each and every post is a task that no one wants to perform. Thankfully, there are a few plugins that will automate that task for you.

  • Reusable Contents
  • Reusable Text Blocks
  • iSoftware Blocks

Editing Plugins

WordPress’s default editor is fine for simple editing. It offers more than the most basic HTML editing functions. But what if you need even more? If you need fast access to functions typically reserved for advanced HTML editing, you’ll appreciate how some of the following plugins turn WordPress’s bare-bones text editor into a high-end HTML editor or word processor or desktop publisher.

Some of these plugins provide full WYSIWYG capabilities so you can watch the results of your editing in real-time. Through these types of plugins, you can customize WordPress’s editor toolbar to access the functions you need quickly and efficiently.

  • TinyMCE Advanced
  • HTML Editor, Drag & Drop Visual Editor with Web Page Builder WYSIWYG
  • Visual Editor Custom Buttons
  • WP Live CSS Editor
  • Visual Website Editor

Image Plugins


No blog is complete without some attractive imagery, but finding, uploading, inserting and managing hundreds or thousands of graphics into the same number of blog posts can be a royal pain in the neck. Just ask any blogger who maintains a massive product catalog or an art gallery full of paintings from thousands of artists.

Make things easier on yourself with plugins designed to organize your graphics and display them in a logical manner. A couple of them will even find graphics for you and automatically insert them where appropriate. Graphics may come from Flickr, Depositphotos, Fotolia or even iStock.

  • WP Photo Album Plus
  • Bulk Photo to Product Importer Extension for WooCommerce (Free)
  • Microstock Photo Plugin
  • Compfight

Related Content Plugins

Can you imagine how long it would take you to identify related posts and then link to each from inside every post you ever made? If you’re anything like most of us are, you can’t even fathom it. That makes related content plugins extremely valuable.

The plugins below will scour your WordPress database for similar entries and automatically link to them without you having to do anything. Some will even generate thumbnails and present related content in an eye-pleasing format.

  • Related Posts
  • IGIT Related Posts with Thumb Image after Posts
  • SEO Auto Links & Related Posts
  • Best Related Posts
  • Contextual Related Posts

Linking Plugins

Speaking of related content, another thing you’ll want to look for is a way to facilitate the laborious chore of linking. Inserting both internal and external links is next to impossible on a large blog, making plugins that do this automatically a literal gift from blog heaven. Here are a few plugins that can help:

  • SEO Link Creator
  • WP Auto Affiliate Links
  • Internal Link Manager
  • SEO Auto Links

Guest Post Plugins


Need a way to get content fast? Guest blogging is one of the most convenient ways of filling a blog without spending hours upon hours pounding away at a keyboard. Here, you’ll find several plugins that practically automate the entire process of locating guest bloggers, accepting posts and publishing content.

  • My Blog Guest
  • Inboutwriter
  • vWriter Guest Post
  • TT Guest Post Submit
  • DJD Site Post

Bloggers who wish to syndicate content from other blogs, websites and/or news portals may appreciate the following plugins. These plugins scour your preferred resource for the latest additions and then inserts short snippets of found material into a blog post

  • Syndicate Press
  • RSS Just Better
  • JP’s Get RSS Feed

Of course, if guest posting or content syndication isn’t your thing, you can take advantage of plugins that supply original content from professional writers. Through these plugins, you can request a blog post on any subject required, and receive it within a short time after making a payment from within the WordPress admin panel.

  • Textbroker’s WordPress Plug-In
  • Zerys Writer Marketplace
  • Expert Blogger API
  • Copify

Maintenance Plugins

Every part of blogging requires maintenance of some kind. Links may need updating, words may need replacing or posts may need reshuffling. Whatever the reason, you’re going to want an easy way to edit your posts without going through each and every one of them. Here are some plugins that will facilitate a little in-house cleaning.

  • Broken Link Checker
  • Duplicate Title Checker
  • Text Replace


As long as you use these WordPress plugins in the recommended manner, you should notice a real difference in the time you spend working on your blog. What once took weeks or months to complete can now take only a few seconds or minutes.

Regardless of the methods you plan to implement, try the above recommendations before you make any type of decision. Each is designed to streamline your blogging efforts so that you can concentrate on things like visitor engagement, customer retention and, ultimately, sales.


Written by James Parsons

James Parsons

James is a content marketing and SEO professional who enjoys the challenge of driving sales through blogging while creating awesome and useful content.


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