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Huge List of Sites That Allow Guest Blogging ContributionsPublished by James Parsons • Category: Content Marketing

Most of this post is going to be a list of sites that allow guest blogging, as well as anything noteworthy about their contribution requirements. Before I get to the list, however, I’m going to give you a few tips about guest blogging, and how to do it properly.

The first thing you need to know is that your guest posts should never be duplicated from another source, even if that source is on your site. This is guest posting, not syndication or curation. Original content is a necessity.

Secondly, always make sure your guest posts are high quality. I’m talking higher quality than your blog normally is, because these are important. It’s the difference between someone seeing you at home in your pajamas vs seeing you out on the town in a dress suit. Impressions count.

Third, always follow the rules of the site you’re trying to blog on. They have guidelines for a reason, and I can guarantee they get huge piles of submissions. They can afford to be picky.

Fourth, always find sites that fit your niche and industry. If you’re an SEO company, it does you no good to guest post on Kim’s Cupcake and Bakery Blog. In fact, it will look like a thin or black hat attempt at link building and both you and Kim can end up penalized for it.

Finally, this list is not exhaustive. You can always put the phrase “write for us” into Google along with industry keywords to see what comes up. Even better, you can check the blogs you know are influential and important to your industry and contact them directly.

The List

KISSmetrics – KISSmetrics is one of the larger blogs in the blogging industry, and as such they get a ton of submissions. Follow their guidelines, be prepared for some editing, and always use real data whenever possible. You’re not allowed self-promotion, it will be edited out or your post will be rejected.

Survey Monkey – Did you even know they have a blog? Turns out they do, and they accept guest posts from basically anyone, so long as it has something to do with their topic. Their topic, of course, is surveys. You can write about using surveys, ideas for data harvesting or analysis, or stories about using their service. – A marketing blog with high standards, you have to write useful posts around 1200+ words. It takes a while to go through their process, so avoid time-sensitive topics. Also, be prepared to follow up with conversations in the comments.

Social Media Examiner – A high quality social media site that focuses on actionable advice and “how to” articles. They’re picky and they can take up to 60 days to respond to your submission. They require that you be considered an authority in your niche, so no newcomers to the business, please.

Moz – One of, if not the most popular SEO site online, Moz authors tend to be or become authorities in their own right. You may need to spend some time in their community before you’re considered for contributions.

Lifehack – World leaders in advice to make your life simpler through the creative use of everyday objects and skills, Lifehack is a great site to get on if you want access to thousands of daily viewers and a huge viral share potential.

Psychology Today – PT is a famous psychology site that posts scientifically-backed articles that explore behavior, culture and neuroscience. If that’s your industry, it’s a great place to be.

One Extra Pixel – OEP is a blog about design first and foremost. They have a huge guide on writing guest articles, so make sure you go over it before you submit something. They also want some past work in the form of links, so make sure you have something presentable.

The Change Blog – Unique in that they don’t have a defined word count, but they do have standards and a strict vision of what does and doesn’t fit on their blog. Give them two weeks to review your submission.

Colossal – Colossal is a blog about photography, visual art, illustration, industrial design, and really anything else with a strong visual aspect. As such, you need to submit something with a compelling graphical slant.

Smashing Magazine – Smashing is a magazine about technology, ranging from code to design to graphics to WordPress coverage. You’ll have to submit a short pitch through their contact system before you can write something for them directly.

TechWalls – Sort of a Wall Street Journal for tech, TechWalls is a site for gadget reviews, news, and all things tech. As a side benefit, they pay for their guest posts, the meager up-front fee of $5 and an additional $4 for every 1,000 pageviews.

The Sun – A national magazine that publishes articles, essays, interviews, fiction, and poetry. They prefer personal writing whenever possible, but they take anything sufficiently provocative without being offensive. They also pay for their submissions, ranging from $100+ for poetry all the way up to $2,000+ for interviews.

Get Rich Slowly – A finance blog specializing in the slow accumulation of wealth rather than any get rich quick schemes. You can submit stories or guest posts in equal measure.

Fat Wallet – Another finance blog, this one writes more about frugality, savings, and so forth. They also branched out into tech, with tech tutorials for newbies, as well as a bunch of side niches in décor, health, family, and DIY.

Viator – Viator is a travel blog looking for a very specific set of post types. They also are looking for information about a specific set of cities and countries, including Lithuania, Toronto, Miami and China. They pay around $100-$150 for a post.

Huffington Post – One of the world’s leading “news” and everything else sites, you can submit a post on pretty much anything and it can find a home on one of their huge network of sites.

The Disney Food Blog – This is a food blog run by Disney, so you know it automatically has a reputation, standards and audience to maintain. Follow their rules and you can get a great position.

8Asians – A blog specifically looking for politics, pop culture, food, health, education, and relationship posts – with some flexibility – specifically relating to the Asian and Asian-American experience.

Written by James Parsons

James Parsons

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