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The 5 Best WordPress Share Counter Plugins Published by James Parsons • Social Media • Published May 2, 2015

Remember the days of the hit counter? Back then, it seemed like every site would have a little number in their footer, showcasing how many people had visited their site over the previous years. The number was basically meaningless, of course. It was just an incremented graphic that rolled up each tim…

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Does Backdating an Article Look Dishonest to Google? Published by James Parsons • Search Engine Optimization • Published July 21, 2014

WordPress, as one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world, offers the ability for users to change the date on their posts, both before and after they have been published. This is a useful tool. You can set a post to appear in the future, scheduling your content drops. You can write and upload…

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What Makes The Perfect Blog Post [Infographic] Published by James Parsons • Infographics • Published May 7, 2014

Always interested in what goes into the best content we can publish, we recently performed an analysis of 100 top blog posts across a number of popular sites, including Forbes, Mashable, KISSMetrics and SearchEngineWatch. The data speaks for itself, but the conclusions are up to you. What do you se…

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