How to Tell Which Comments Are Spam and Which Are RealPublished by James Parsons • Category: Social Media

Every blog receives spam comments. Unless you have no comments section, your blog will be found by a spambot or a manual spammer. Some spam comments are easy to identify and remove; the ones with blatant word filter workarounds, links to dead sites or blatantly promotional, unrelated comments all h…

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Tricks to Get More Shares on Your Facebook PostsPublished by James Parsons • Category: Social Media

As you likely already know, Facebook recently made changes to the way fan page visitors interact with content. Any user, including those who are not fans of a page, are now able to comment, like, and share content on fan pages as well as post directly on fan page walls themselves. Put simply, Facebook u…

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5 Tricks to Get More Authors on Your BlogPublished by James Parsons • Category: Search Engine Optimization

Having a blog is beneficial in a million ways, large and small. From SEO to audience gathering to building a society, a blog is the foundation of a powerful online presence. Within a blog, power comes from content. Content needs to be published regularly or the blog loses traction and devotion. Blogg…

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Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Keyword Density in Blog PostsPublished by James Parsons • Category: Search Engine Optimization

In the past, one of the primary tasks for SEO was keyword research. Before you wrote a single piece of content, launched a website, picked a domain or even named a business, you would have to perform keyword research. You would need to scour the existing market for other sites targeting the keyword you…

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Matt Cutts Says Small Sites Can Outrank Authority SitesPublished by James Parsons • Category: Search Engine Optimization

From a small business perspective, SEO seems like a losing game. You can maximize your influence in a niche, but your money only goes so far. A big company, one of the multinational competitors only vaguely attached to your niche, still has the budget to drown out your meager investment. Why bother wi…

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Is Regular Blogging worth the Time and Investment?Published by James Parsons • Category: Search Engine Optimization

Time and again, you hear the advice; you need a blog. You need to update your blog. How often should you update? Once a week, three times each week, every weekday, every day, multiple times every day? There are successful blogs that post once each week. There are equally successful blogs that run multi…

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Is Newsjacking for Content Marketing Frowned Upon?Published by James Parsons • Category: Content Marketing

Newsjacking is a relatively new trend in brand marketing. It’s mainly facilitated by the readily available immediate communications with Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. The question is, is it frowned upon?
The Intricacies of Newsjacking
The core idea behind newsjacking…

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How to Get Inspiration for Your Next Blog PostPublished by James Parsons • Category: Search Engine Optimization

To many, the hardest part of establishing a regular blog is coming up with the concepts for new posts on a regular basis. When you’re writing a new post every three, five or seven days, it’s easy to burn through even a large backlog of titles and concepts, particularly if you operate more than one bl…

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How to Get a Custom WordPress Blog for Less than $1000Published by James Parsons • Category: Search Engine Optimization

WordPress is a fantastic platform for starting out a website. It works for a blog, ecommerce site or nearly any other purpose you may have. With themes and plugins, you can do virtually anything with a WordPress foundation. There’s just one problem.
The Problem with WordPress
WordPress is such a u…

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10 Common Examples of Bad Blog Post TitlesPublished by James Parsons • Category: Search Engine Optimization

The title of your blog post is the first thing a user sees when they visit your site. On social media sites, sometimes it is all they see. With Google search results, they get a fragment of your intro, but largely judge based on the title. Even on your blog, most of the actual article is hidden behind a cl…

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