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We scan your blog

Our system will check your blog's feed for new content. If you've posted a new article, we will be alerted immediately so that we can begin promoting it on social media. This is the only automated part of our process.


We find your new post

Once you've posted an article, our system will see it and your post will be assigned to our team. We can promote as many new posts as you need, and we check your blog regularly throughout the day to discover them quickly.


We find social media users

Next, we find users on social media who may be interested in your content and encourage likes, tweets, and shares. Your post will be shared among a large general audience, and anybody who is interested in it will share it socially.


People share your content

In a few hours or less, you'll start to receive new shares on your blog post. Every share will be from a real person and will be from a different user every time. Your posts won't all be shared by the same group of people.


Evaluate and repeat

We track your social media shares throughout the day and continue sharing until we've met our goal. We constantly monitor your blog's feed for new posts, and can share multiple articles per day simultaneously without issues.

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