How to Get a Count of Your Total Social Media SharesWritten by Drew HendricksSocial Media • Posted October 10, 2019

When you publish a blog post and it gets three shares on Facebook, seven on Twitter, and another two on Pinterest, is that good or bad? How does it compare to other posts you’ve published? How does it add to your overall total?
If you don’t have an accurate count of social shares, you just do…

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25 Ways to Convert Your Blog Post Traffic into SalesWritten by Drew HendricksMonetization • Posted October 4, 2019

You’ve got your storefront set up. You’ve got a blog up and running, and you’ve been posting to it regularly. You’re seeing traffic coming in, and you’re ranking in the top few results on Google’s search for your keywords. You’ve even had some success…

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15 Ways to Include Calls to Action on Your Shopify BlogWritten by Kenny NovakMonetization • Posted September 11, 2019

A Shopify blog is basically just like any other blog on the web. You have your core theme, you have your navigation, you have your blog post content, and you have an array of different widgets you can use to improve and expand functionality.
All you need to do is get it to work for you. The trick, here, is th…

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How to Automate Emails to Your Blog SubscribersWritten by James ParsonsContent Marketing • Posted September 4, 2019

Email automation is a tricky thing. If you do it right, you’re engaging your subscribers, you’re referring traffic to your blog or storefront, you’re gaining new social media followers, and you’re keeping your audience in the loop. Done poorly, and you’re flagg…

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Should You Redirect 404 Page Errors on Your Blog?Written by Drew HendricksSearch Engine Optimization • Posted August 30, 2019

Did you know that there is likely a ton of traffic coming to your blog that simply has nowhere to go? People who arrive at a broken link, people who mistype a URL, people who try to go to a page that moved or no longer exists; all of this traffic ends up on the familiar, dreaded, 404 page.
The 404 page is part of…

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Can Using Quotes in Articles Hurt Your Blog Post Rankings?Written by Kenny NovakContent Marketing • Posted August 22, 2019

Duplicate content has long been a boogeyman for marketers, ever since the apocalypse that was the Panda updates in 2011. For nearly a decade now, people have lived in fear of duplicate content and its ability to destroy the search ranking of a site.
There are a lot of misconceptions about what is and is…

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Finding Low-Hanging Fruit in Content Marketing and BloggingWritten by Drew HendricksContent Marketing • Posted August 16, 2019

The term “low-hanging fruit” comes literally from fruit. Fruit trees get pretty big, and the easiest fruit to reach is the fruit that hangs low enough to be within your grasp. It’s easy stuff to get, you only have to put in the effort of reaching up and grabbing it. You don’t h…

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Do WordPress Pages Tend to Rank Better Than Posts?Written by James ParsonsSearch Engine Optimization • Posted August 8, 2019

When it comes to blogging with WordPress, there’s one decision you need to make that can have a large impact on your site, but it’s something a lot of people might not even realize is a choice. That’s the choice of whether to make a new piece of content a Page or a Post.
Pages and Posts a…

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25 Tips on Starting a Travel Blog That Makes MoneyWritten by James ParsonsMonetization • Posted August 4, 2019

In a way, a travel blog is the epitome of blogging as a career. Blogging in other forms, like for marketing, business, or finance, often feels more like an office job. Even if you’re working from home, you’re still working in a home office, and more often than not you’re immersed in…

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Is It Safe to Repost Blog Posts on Your Blog?Written by Kenny NovakContent Marketing • Posted July 26, 2019

As you run a blog, you accumulate content. Content stacks up day after day, week after week, year after year. Eventually, even a small, casual site can have hundreds or even thousands of old blog posts.
The cruel fact of the internet is that, in most cases, most older content is simply worthless. Think…

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