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What information we collect:

1. We collect the following information from our clients for the transactional purposes only:
2. We use cookies

1. Definition of a cookie

The cookie is small piece of data consisting of text-only string of information sent from a specific website and is stored in your hard disk. It collects certain information about the user's browsing preferences, history and the information the user has provided in the columns of the forms.

2. Our use of cookies

We use cookies to give you an optimal use of the web and for marketing and statistical analysis only. By employing cookies, we do not collect your personal data. Some cookies sent from the third parties may find their way into your machine. Blogpros expressly disclaim any liability for the use of such cookies. Please read their respective policy or block their entrance.

3. How to stop cookies

Mostly, the browsers are set to allow cookies by default. However, you have the option to disable cookies if you do not want them to function in your machine, usually through changing your browser settings. It is also possible to configure browser setting in such a way that it may allow certain cookies, deny the others to access your computer or set the browser to notify before a new cookie is stored. The 'Help' section of the browser may provide you the required assistance to manage your cookies preference.

4. Confidentiality and security

We respect the confidential and personal information of our valuable clients.

We have a sophisticated security system in place to ensure that such information is within our close circle of the staff and use it only on 'a need-to-know basis'.

Given the current security arrangement within Blogpros, it is not possible to divulge or misuse such data. However, we disown any liability arising from failure to maintain confidentiality and security of such data due to the causes beyond our reasonable control.