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How to Automatically Inject Ads into Your WordPress PostsPublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Monetization

Bloggers want to make money. When you’re a newbie blogger, or you’re still working more on growing than on developing products on the side, the easiest way to make money is to run ads on your site. The problem with that is, well, we’ll get to that.
I’m targeting this post at users…

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5 of the Highest Earning AdSense Layouts for BlogsPublished by James Parsons • Category: Monetization

AdSense is one of the best easy means of monetizing a blog for a reason. The pay is reasonable, the effort is minimal, and it scales well with a lot of traffic. It’s trivial to implement, it’s incredibly easy to register and get started, and you know you can trust Google to pay when you earn enough mon…

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