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Guide to Finding the Most Popular Pins on Pinterest Published by Drew Hendricks • Social Media • Published February 6, 2019

Pinterest as a social network is quite valuable, but it’s also tricky to use. It’s unlike anything most of us experience with social media marketing. There aren’t the same traditional relationships or interactions we’ve come to expect. Pinterest does things its own wa…

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Why WordPress “Likes” Are Lower than Your Social Shares Published by Kenny Novak • Social Media • Published January 13, 2019

As a user of WordPress, you’re used to exploring your own dashboard. You’ve probably stumbled across one piece of minor analytics, something you might question, though it doesn’t really seem to affect much. That something might look a little like this.
What is it? It’s a…

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25 Ways to Share and Promote Blog Posts on Pinterest Published by James Parsons • Social Media • Published November 23, 2018

Pinterest is a social network that has a huge amount of use and utility in some niches and is virtually ignored by others. It’s actually a great option for bloggers of all stripes, and you can get a lot of traffic and engagement from it if you know how. That’s what this post is for: to bring yo…

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5 Plugins to Send WordPress Posts to Facebook Instant Articles Published by James Parsons • Social Media • Published September 25, 2018

Facebook Instant Articles are a system Facebook has had in place for publishers to put their content, mostly blog posts, directly on the Facebook platform. This comes with a few advantages and a few disadvantages. Are you interested in using the system?
I’m going into this assuming that you a…

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List of Share Plugins That Are Compatible With OpenShareCount Published by James Parsons • Social Media • Published September 2, 2018

Any time you’re using a plugin on your website, you’re reliant upon any data sources that plugin uses to keep it functional. In many cases, there’s no path to failure. Something like Yoast SEO isn’t going to break unless they push an update that breaks something. Other plu…

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Another Dead Button: Google Plus Removes Share Counts Published by Drew Hendricks • Social Media • Published September 14, 2017

Two years ago, Twitter pushed an update to the architecture that ran their servers. Changing from one system to another largely allowed the site to run more smoothly, to handle more advanced features, and got rid of dead code that could potentially have been used for bugs, exploits, or just legacy fe…

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Why Social Proof is Important for Your Blog Posts Published by Kenny Novak • Social Media • Published March 25, 2017

Social proof has been leveraged for as long as there have been people trying to sell items to a crowd, and crowds to buy them. Sometimes it’s blatant, overt, and other times it’s subtle. With internet marketing, it has simply become codified and easy to implement.
Think about it like thi…

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Getting Your Shares Back After Changing a Blog URL Published by James Parsons • Social Media • Published February 6, 2017

When you’re planning a rebranding, changing domain names, or changing your site permalink structure, there are a million fiddly little details you have to keep in mind. One of them, which we often take for granted and which is likely to slip through the cracks, is your social media engagement…

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Why Your Blog’s Facebook Like Button No Longer Works Published by James Parsons • Social Media • Published January 4, 2017

Way back at the end of August, webmasters started to notice something distressing with their social sharing buttons. Some brands may not have noticed right away, while others saw it immediately. Share buttons, specifically the Facebook sharing button, suddenly started reporting 0 for the share…

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How to See Who Has Liked and Shared Your Blog Post Published by Drew Hendricks • Social Media • Published December 6, 2016

Small businesses are often concerned with details that may or may not actually be all that relevant. Sometimes, though, they strike upon a vein of gold in the bedrock of dross. One such vein is the idea of looking through your blog posts and seeing who, exactly, shared them.
This can be useful in a few wa…

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