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Another Dead Button: Google Plus Removes Share CountsPublished by Drew Hendricks • Category: Social Media

Two years ago, Twitter pushed an update to the architecture that ran their servers. Changing from one system to another largely allowed the site to run more smoothly, to handle more advanced features, and got rid of dead code that could potentially have been used for bugs, exploits, or just legacy fe…

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Why Social Proof is Important for Your Blog PostsPublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Social Media

Social proof has been leveraged for as long as there have been people trying to sell items to a crowd, and crowds to buy them. Sometimes it’s blatant, overt, and other times it’s subtle. With internet marketing, it has simply become codified and easy to implement.
Think about it like this: you see…

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Getting Your Shares Back After Changing a Blog URLPublished by James Parsons • Category: Social Media

When you’re planning a rebranding, changing domain names, or changing your site permalink structure, there are a million fiddly little details you have to keep in mind. One of them, which we often take for granted and which is likely to slip through the cracks, is your social media engagement…

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Why Your Blog’s Facebook Like Button No Longer WorksPublished by James Parsons • Category: Social Media

Way back at the end of August, webmasters started to notice something distressing with their social sharing buttons. Some brands may not have noticed right away, while others saw it immediately. Share buttons, specifically the Facebook sharing button, suddenly started reporting 0 for the share…

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How to See Who Has Liked and Shared Your Blog PostPublished by Drew Hendricks • Category: Social Media

Small businesses are often concerned with details that may or may not actually be all that relevant. Sometimes, though, they strike upon a vein of gold in the bedrock of dross. One such vein is the idea of looking through your blog posts and seeing who, exactly, shared them.
This can be useful in a few wa…

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Review of Social Warfare: The Best Social Buttons PeriodPublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Social Media

As a blogger, one of the earliest requirements you have to fill for your blog is to have social sharing buttons. Even if you aren’t trying to create and maintain a presence on a social network, other people are, and they’ll be more than happy to share your content with their friends if they…

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Why Share Counters Show Your Blog Post Has 0 SharesPublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Social Media

Social sharing plugins are a staple of modern blogs. They help you grow by subtly insisting that your readers take action to promote you via a social share or two. You don’t have to make it in your face; just displaying the button with the share count is generally enough. People see that you have X…

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How to Install Responsive Social Buttons on Your BlogPublished by Drew Hendricks • Category: Social Media

One of the most basic things you can do to integrate your social media accounts and your website is install social sharing buttons. However, there are probably well over a hundred different plugins and methods for using social sharing buttons out there, and many of them are out of date. They look perf…

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Why Social Buttons Slow Down Your Website’s Load TimePublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Social Media

It’s a well known fact that Google uses page load times as an SEO factor. It’s also well known that a good way to increase your search ranking is to get a deeper social media presence, and to do that, you need social sharing buttons on your website.
The problem is, these two goals are at odds.…

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25+ Free Plugins to Help You Auto Share Your New Blog PostsPublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Social Media

One of the best things you can do when you publish a new blog post is publish a link to that post on the various social networks you use. It keeps up your social activity – though you do need non-promotional posts occasionally – and it spreads awareness of your new post. The trouble is, it can take a whi…

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