Why Social Proof is Important for Your Blog Posts Kenny Novak • Social Media • Published March 25, 2017

Social proof has been leveraged for as long as there have been people trying to sell items to a crowd, and crowds to buy them. Sometimes it’s blatant, overt, and other times it’s subtle. With internet marketing, it has simply become codified and easy to implement.
Think about it like thi…

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The Best WordPress SEO Plugins: 2017 Edition Drew Hendricks • Search Engine Optimization • Published March 22, 2017

There are a million articles out there about WordPress plugins, and even we have written some before. The trouble is, so many of them are so old it’s hard to tell what’s up to date and what’s not. Rather than add to the confusion and update old posts, I’ve decided to write a new…

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How to Check Your Social Media Traffic in Google Analytics Drew Hendricks • Resources • Published March 14, 2017

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for measuring and tracking your audience, though many of the advanced reports and features require some setup to use. If you want to see specifically how your social media traffic is doing, you can do it, so long as you set everything up properly.

Step 1: Install Go…

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How to Scan a WordPress Blog for Bad External Links James Parsons • Search Engine Optimization • Published March 02, 2017

Bad links can hurt your website, both giving and receiving. I’m not here to talk about your backlink profile today, though; rather, I’m going to focus on the links you’ve posted on your site, leading out to other sites.
There are a few ways links in this category can hurt you. The on…

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How to Promote Your Blog Post in Groups and Aggregators Kenny Novak • Content Marketing • Published February 24, 2017

I’m going to divide this post up into two main sections; one about group outreach and one about blog aggregators. Both are excellent for blog post promotion, if you use them properly. Both have the potential to backfire. And both require their own strategies to use effectively. Let’s g…

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How to Syndicate Your Blog Posts to LinkedIn for Traffic James Parsons • Content Marketing • Published February 17, 2017

LinkedIn is an interesting social network, because it didn’t start out as a social network the same way most of the rest of the usual suspects did. They started out as a way for people to network with each other in a corporate and professional setting. There’s no typical news feed and no so…

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6 Ways to Spell and Grammar Check Your Blog Posts Drew Hendricks • Content Marketing • Published February 12, 2017

Human error is the one constant throughout all of human history. No one is exempt from error, though some errors are larger than others. In the world of blogging, errors can be factual, they can live in code, or they can be baked into the text.
Spelling and grammar are, well, quite difficult. English is…

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Getting Your Shares Back After Changing a Blog URL James Parsons • Social Media • Published February 06, 2017

When you’re planning a rebranding, changing domain names, or changing your site permalink structure, there are a million fiddly little details you have to keep in mind. One of them, which we often take for granted and which is likely to slip through the cracks, is your social media engagement…

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Could Your Rankings Drop if You Stop Blogging Regularly? Drew Hendricks • Search Engine Optimization • Published January 29, 2017

One of the number one pieces of advice we give new bloggers around here is to set up a consistent blogging schedule. Maybe you just post once every Wednesday. Maybe you set up a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. Maybe you post five days a week, or seven. Maybe you have the staff and the content to handl…

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15 Premium WordPress Plugins That Are Worth Paying For Kenny Novak • Content Marketing • Published January 22, 2017

Most of the time on this blog, we talk specifically about ways to minimize costs and get free alternatives to paid options. When we mention premium plugins, we also discuss free options and how to get the features of a premium version for free. After all, overhead can add up when you have a dozen or more p…

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