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How to Automate Emails to Your Blog SubscribersPublished by James Parsons • Content Marketing • Published September 4, 2019

Email automation is a tricky thing. If you do it right, you’re engaging your subscribers, you’re referring traffic to your blog or storefront, you’re gaining new social media followers, and you’re keeping your audience in the loop. Done poorly, and you’re flagg…

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Can Using Quotes in Articles Hurt Your Blog Post Rankings?Published by Kenny Novak • Content Marketing • Published August 22, 2019

Duplicate content has long been a boogeyman for marketers, ever since the apocalypse that was the Panda updates in 2011. For nearly a decade now, people have lived in fear of duplicate content and its ability to destroy the search ranking of a site.
There are a lot of misconceptions about what is and is…

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Finding Low-Hanging Fruit in Content Marketing and BloggingPublished by Drew Hendricks • Content Marketing • Published August 16, 2019

The term “low-hanging fruit” comes literally from fruit. Fruit trees get pretty big, and the easiest fruit to reach is the fruit that hangs low enough to be within your grasp. It’s easy stuff to get, you only have to put in the effort of reaching up and grabbing it. You don’t h…

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Is It Safe to Repost Blog Posts on Your Blog?Published by Kenny Novak • Content Marketing • Published July 26, 2019

As you run a blog, you accumulate content. Content stacks up day after day, week after week, year after year. Eventually, even a small, casual site can have hundreds or even thousands of old blog posts.
The cruel fact of the internet is that, in most cases, most older content is simply worthless. Think…

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How to Keep Yourself From Getting Bored While BloggingPublished by Drew Hendricks • Content Marketing • Published July 19, 2019

For some, blogging is like a dream come true. You can make a living – a good living – from home! All it takes is some web hosting, a little technical know-how, and the ability to write blog posts on a regular basis. There’s nothing to it!
Well, the golden age of blogging is long over by n…

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15 Tricks to Improve the Rankings of Your Blog PostsPublished by Drew Hendricks • Content Marketing • Published July 7, 2019

The entire point of marketing is to get more eyes on your product and more money in the bank, and one of the best ways to do that is with organic search engine marketing. Having your website show up on the Google search results – and the other search engines as well – is going to give you a bette…

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Blogging vs. Content Marketing: What Is The Difference?Published by Kenny Novak • Content Marketing • Published June 29, 2019

I’m guilty of often referring to blogging and content marketing as interchangeable terms. I’ve used one when I’m talking about the other often enough. There’s a real difference between them, though, so it’s a topic worth talking about.

The Grand Pyramid
In a way,…

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How to Size Your Blog Post Images for Pinterest PinsPublished by Drew Hendricks • Content Marketing • Published June 20, 2019

One of the primary benefits that Pinterest has over other social networks is the ability to add Pinterest “pin this” buttons to the images in your blog posts. Since all of your blog posts are going to have images, it’s just one additional call to action.
The best part of these pin bu…

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Steemit vs Medium: Which Platform Is Better Than The Other?Published by Drew Hendricks • Content Marketing • Published April 22, 2019

The world of online blogging platforms is surprisingly cutthroat. I’m not even talking about the competition inherent in setting up your own blog. I mean the competition between platforms. If you want to set up a new blog, where do you turn? Do you go to Blogger? Medium? Steemi…

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5 Methods to Add a Blog to Your New Shopify StorePublished by James Parsons • Content Marketing • Published April 13, 2019

Shopify is one of the most-used e-commerce platforms in the world, so it comes as no surprise to me that people of all skill levels make use of it. The advanced users have already passed over this post, so this one’s for you newbies out there. When you’re running an e-commerce storefront,…

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