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30+ Services for Bloggers on Fiverr that Don’t Suck

Published by Kenny NovakContent Marketing • Posted June 29, 2015
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Fiverr has a bit of a bad rap, and I’ll admit that I contribute to it sometimes, if you’ve read some of my past articles.

There are a lot of shady sellers figuring that the $5 price point is per service rendered, and as such, they provide low quality service in exchange for $5. More savvy sellers use a scaled model, where they might do a minute of voice recording for $5, but will happily take much longer projects and charge a correspondingly higher amount. This is sanctioned by the site, and in fact, it’s where you’ll find some of the best services for bloggers around. Of course, it does mean that you’re spending more than $5 for a service, but hey; you get what you pay for in this world.

So what can you get? Here are a bunch of services you can find on Fiverr, through various sellers. I always recommend checking out the seller before you commit, to make sure they’re someone with a good track record and a process you can work with.

1. Unique Stock Photos

Stock Photos on Fiverr

There are a few talented photographers who have good cameras and a lot of resources on Fiverr. They’ll go out and take a bunch of stock photos for you, about a topic of your choice. The only catch is, you need to make sure you’re vetting the seller. Some unscrupulous sellers will try to get away with stealing photos from Google to sell to you. Make sure you’re not just buying content stolen from someone else.

2. Graphic Adaptation

Sometimes you have a graphic you want to use for your marketing, but you don’t have the time or the programs necessary to size and scale the image the way you want. You can pay someone $5 to do it for you. Just tell them you want it in various sizes for ads, for a cover photo, for a blog image, or for whatever other purpose you need it. You may have to supply the dimensions you need, or you may just need to guide them for whether you want the image cropped, zoomed, scaled, or just tweaked. Either way, it saves time for you to do other things instead of messing with a graphics program.

3. Website Wireframing

There are a surprising number of talented web designers on Fiverr, though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend paying them for the entire setup for your site. Wireframing, though, that’s a tedious task that they’re willing to do. It streamlines the process of developing a site on your own, or it gives you the ability to give a fully developed site to a professional designer and cut down the amount of work the need to do, and thus charge you to do.

4. 3D Modeling

3D Modeling

It’s not often that a blogger needs to do something with 3D modeling, but if you ever have that need, be aware that there are a ton of freelance graphic artists with the expensive 3D modeling toys but no projects to work on. You can bring your concept to them and they’ll work to bring it to life in glorious 3D. You’ll probably have to pay extra for any real texture work, of course, but if all you need are simple 3D graphics for marketing materials, you don’t need anything too detailed.

5. Ebook Covers

Writing an ebook is a great marketing move, and it can boost your mailing list by a lot. It can also make you a lot of money, if you choose to sell it. Selling it is a great option, but you typically want to list it on Amazon, and Amazon users are very picky about what they buy to read. They also judge books by their covers more often than not. In addition to putting your writing talents to work, you need to put some graphical elbow grease into the cover. Or, that is, pay someone on Fiverr to do that design work for you.

6. Graphical Editing

Sometimes all you need to do is take a picture you took and spruce it up a bit. Remove some blemishes, adjust the colors, reduce noise, maybe get rid of a pesky lens flare. All of this can be done with Photoshop if you know what you’re doing, but if you don’t, it’s an exercise in frustration. Thankfully, there are talented photo-manipulators on Fiverr ready and willing to make any adjustments you need made to your photos. As long as they’re reasonable, of course; no CSI-style zoom-and-enhance on a 10 pixel image taken with a potato.

7. Graphic Design

Those same graphic artists I’ve been talking about will be more than happy to do some more advanced graphical design work for you, working closely with you to get the precise results you want. The trick is, you often have to look at their “gig extras” to see what expanded features and services they offer. You might not find a gig that offers what you want at the basic $5 level, but by adding on a couple of extra $5 tips, you can get much better service, and it’s still cheaper than hiring a professional elsewhere.

8. Copy Translation

Spanish Translation

Simple translation is easily a job for Fiverr. There are bilingual web users who would love to make $5 to translate a sentence or paragraph for you. They won’t do longer projects, at least not without a significantly higher fee, but they’ll happily to do shorter projects. They’ll be much better than what you would get out of Google Translate, too, which is a good thing if you want to be professional with bilingual marketing.

9. Copyediting

A once-over proofread is good for any blog post, but I don’t think I would recommend paying Fiverr for one. On the other hand, for a longer project like an ebook, or for a more important project like a significant press release or white paper, you might want to have an independent pair of eyes looking over your copy before you release it to the wild. You wouldn’t want to stake your professional reputation on something with an unfortunate grammatical error or obvious typo, would you?

10. Copy Writing

There are a lot of writers on Fiverr who produce high quality copy for a relatively reasonable price. You’d be surprised at the quality you can get, though you’ll probably have to pay a bit more than you’d like for anything beyond a paragraph or two. Most Fiverr writers will charge by the word, and their $5 price point isn’t enough to make anything more than a FAQ question and answer, or a product description. You can also hire Fiverr writers to come up with social media posts for you based on topics of your choice as well.

11. Code Error Fixing

Code Error Fixing

If you do a lot of developing in your spare time, you’ve probably had some late nights when you try to debug and troubleshoot code but you can’t figure out what the error is. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a misplaced comma or a missing tab, depending on the language. Thankfully, you can avoid much of the hassle by hiring a Fiverr seller to look over your code and figure out what the error is. It might take them some time, particularly for complex projects, but you can spend that time doing other things.

12. Simple Personal Assistance

Some bloggers have busy lives and a lot of minor tasks they can outsource. For these, I recommend hiring a dedicated personal assistant, possibly in the Philippines. For anyone else, you might consider outsourcing the minor tasks to a personal assistant from Fiverr. They won’t be on your beck and call every day, but they’ll be a lot more reasonably priced than hiring someone full time for a minor workload.

13. Profile Setup

Speaking of personal assistance, you can get some minor business assistance as well. Setting up new social media profiles with information you provide, claiming profiles on sites like Yelp; these tasks can be done by creating a dummy email account and password for your business and giving it to a Fiverr assistant, who will do the work and give you the account back. Just make sure to change your information, so they can’t come in later and vandalize your profiles!

14. Video Creation

All of the information I mentioned above about graphic artists generally applies to video artists as well, though at a lower level or a higher price point. Here’s the thing; if oyu’re buying a cheap video, you’re going to be getting a basic template with a little bit of customization. If you want something more personalized, you’ll have to pay more. Fiverr gigs will do it for you, you just need to pay.

15. Video Editing

On the other hand, video editing is easy. If you have a video you need encoded in a specific way, or you need the audio changed, or you need effects added to, you can do it through a Fiverr gig. This might require a bit of shopping around if you have specific requirements outside the norm for video editing, but there’s probably someone out there who will do it for you.

16. Voice Work

Voice work on Fiverr often comes in a by-the-second or by-the-minute rates. Voice work is tricky, because you need the right voice to fit your message, so you’ll probably want to do a lot of shopping around and a lot of listening to demos before you decide on the right person with the right voice. Once you find them, though, be willing to pay; you won’t always find them as cheaply as you might like. Fiverr, as I’ve mentioned, uses $5 as a baseline, not a rule.

17. Audio Mastering

Audio Mastering

Just like video editing, audio mastering is a simple task for someone who has the knowledge and the tools to do it, but a complex exercise in frustration and tedium when you don’t. Fiverr gigs will give you some quick and easy audio mastering, volume adjustments, noise reductions and filtering, all without wasting time on trying to figure it out yourself.

18. Audio Transcription

When it comes to audio transcription, if you have a simple project, it’s really easy to get someone on Fiverr to convert your spoken word into written text. If you have a bad quality file, however, I’d recommend getting a higher quality transcription outfit on the case. Individual freelancers might do it cheaper, but they’ll have to guess at what you’re saying, and that can lead to inaccurate or incomplete transcripts.

19. Song Creation

Have a video, need a jingle? That’s where Fiverr song creation comes in. All you need to do is find a seller with the right style and give them your idea. Finding the right seller here is absolutely critical; most sellers only have one or two genres and limited range outside of them. You can’t force them outside of their comfort zone; instead, just find a different seller.

20. Songwriting

In much the same way you can buy a song track and you can buy copywriting, you can buy songwriting on Fiverr. It’s a little less common than song creation, but writing the lyrics to a song is a skill that few people possess, so it’s worth hanging on to when you find it.

21. QA Testing

QA Testing

Have an app or a website you want to use, but you aren’t sure it’ll work? That’s what Fiverr QA is for. You can find various sellers who will test your content in various ways. For example, one guy will test your site for security vulnerabilities, while another will test your app for bugs, and another will test compatibility with various devices and operating systems. There are sellers for just about any kind of QA, so browse around.

22. List Building

For this, I don’t mean email list building. You can get email list services on Fiverr, but I wouldn’t recommend them. Instead, you can have Fiverr researchers build you lists of various pieces of content. For example, you could have sellers look through your industry and figure out who the influential Twitter personalities are. You could have them find blogs that accept guest posts. You could have them find new niche businesses that have appeared in the last year. Anything that can be a list can be made by a gig provider.

23. Press Release Submission

If you have a press release, but you don’t know all of the places you can send it, you can have a Fiverr gig do the legwork for you. Create a form email, create the press release, and authorize a seller to send it around for you. You’ll get a bunch of press from smaller and mid-range news sites you didn’t know about, and that can be beneficial to you.

24. App Creation

Believe it or not, you can have an app developed on Fiverr. None of that $10,000 and two years nonsense. Of course, it’s not as cheap as $5 either. Most sellers put the $5 price tag on the simple act of talking about the app, to see if it’s worth your time to have them try to develop it, or if it’s beyond the scope of their abilities. You can get simple clone apps for cheap, or you can get custom apps for a bit more.

25. Custom Advertising

There are a ton of advertising services on Fiverr. Some of them are unique and interesting, like having a semi-professional model hold a sign with your logo and talk about your product for a few seconds. Others are a lot less unique, like software-based blog spam that makes Fiverr look bad to everyone. Buyer beware with the advertising category. Just know that there are some good services, if you dig to find them.

26. File Conversion

File Conversion

Okay, this one is just a simple hassle that I’ve found it’s easier to get dealt with on Fiverr than it is elsewhere. Sometimes you have one file, and you need it in another file type, but it’s distressingly hard to do. I’ve had stubborn files that error out during the conversion process, and I’ve had others that I just didn’t have the software to convert myself. In either case, someone on Fiverr is probably offering the conversion service. Give it a shot.

27. Database Creation

Have a lot of data, need a database, don’t have the time or ability to do it yourself? Fiverr pros with Excel and Access or SQL will be able to have a database up and formatted for your use in a matter of minutes. Or maybe hours, if you have a lot of data. Or longer, if it’s not in a standardized format. The point is, they can do it for you a lot faster than you can do it on your own.

28. Data Analysis

I wouldn’t recommend giving sensitive corporate information to a random dude on Fiverr. However, if all you have is a lot of basic data and you want it compared, correlated, and analyzed in a few basic ways, you can h and off the data analysis to some statistics pros on Fiverr. They’ll be perfectly happy giving you some great visualizations and detailed reports.

29. Unique Modeling

Maybe you want a little more charm to your social message. Maybe you want, for example, a postcard with your new business announcement on it being handled by an adorable puppy. Rather than try to find a stock photo and try to edit your logo into the picture, you can pay someone on Fiverr to enact it in real life and give you the picture. Or, you know, any of a thousand other unique marketing ideas you can find on the site.

30. Market Research

You can do a lot of competitive research using free tools and publicly available information. You know what’s better than doing that, though? Paying someone a few bucks to do it for you while you focus on things only you can do. Why waste your time with data gathering when anyone can do that for you?

31. Fortune Telling

Okay, so this one is a little more out there. There are plenty of oddball gigs on Fiverr, ranging from making relations jealous to telling your fortune via cards or some other form of scrying. Feel free to throw a few bucks their way before launching a new product, just for the sake of having a little fun. Just don’t believe too strongly in them.


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