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Our Review of Hubspot’s Blog Marketing Tools Published by Kenny Novak • Content Marketing • Published July 7, 2015

Hubspot has two things going for it; a high quality marketing blog, and an all-in-one blogging platform. I’m not here to review the blog, so you can guess that I’m here to review the software. First, though, let’s look at the features.

Hubspot Features
First of all, Hubspot is a bl…

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30+ Services for Bloggers on Fiverr that Don’t Suck Published by Kenny Novak • Content Marketing • Published June 29, 2015

Fiverr has a bit of a bad rap, and I’ll admit that I contribute to it sometimes, if you’ve read some of my past articles.
There are a lot of shady sellers figuring that the $5 price point is per service rendered, and as such, they provide low quality service in exchange for $5. More savvy sell…

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How to Breathe Life into Your Old Blog Posts Published by Kenny Novak • Content Marketing • Published June 21, 2015

One of the biggest reasons why evergreen content is so in focus in the last few years is because it’s content that lives forever. The alternative – and the content most blogs have for the majority of their content – is content that lives for a few weeks or months before it’s su…

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How Deleting Bad Blog Post Content Can Increase Traffic Published by Kenny Novak • Content Marketing • Published June 14, 2015

The Internet is pretty old, as far as these things go. There are websites that have been running for half a decade, a decade, or significantly longer. Some of these old sites are growing increasingly concerned with business, marketing, and SEO.
One issue that comes up fairly frequently is the idea of…

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50+ Places You Can Share Your Latest Blog Post Published by Kenny Novak • Content Marketing • Published June 10, 2015

Once you’ve written a new blog post, the real fun begins. It’s time to tell everyone you know about it! I’ve compiled a huge list of places you can share or syndicate your post once you’re done with it. Some are obvious, some are niche, and some you’ve never heard of bef…

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Clickbank vs Commission Junction: Which Earns More? Published by Kenny Novak • Content Marketing • Published May 24, 2015

Among affiliate networks, two of the biggest names are Clickbank and Commission Junction. That is, they used to be; Commission Junction changed names and rebranded; they are now known as CJ Affiliate by Conversant. To keep things straight, throughout this piece I’ll refer to it simply as CJ…

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Buffer vs Hootsuite: Comparing Cost and Effectiveness Published by Kenny Novak • Social Media • Published May 21, 2015

Buffer and Hootsuite are both compelling, high-profile platforms that link into your social media accounts and help you manage them across numerous sites and profiles. They allow you to streamline your management and collaborate with teams, should you desire. They have similar price points, si…

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