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Can a Popup on Your Blog Posts Hurt Your Traffic?Published by Kenny Novak • Search Engine Optimization • Published May 29, 2017

I have talked before about how much I dislike pop-ups, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Millions of people browse the web and of them, over 70% feel that irrelevant popups are incredibly annoying.
And yet, if you try to mouse away from this site, chances are you’re going to get a pop-over…

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What is The Best Affordable Content Writing Service?Published by Kenny Novak • Content Marketing • Published April 25, 2017

There are practically as many content production services out there as there are writers looking to get paid for their work. Depending on where you look, you can find pretty much anything on the scale, from absolute garbage for nearly free all the way up to incredibly excellent content that charges p…

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Why Social Proof is Important for Your Blog PostsPublished by Kenny Novak • Social Media • Published March 25, 2017

Social proof has been leveraged for as long as there have been people trying to sell items to a crowd, and crowds to buy them. Sometimes it’s blatant, overt, and other times it’s subtle. With internet marketing, it has simply become codified and easy to implement.
Think about it like thi…

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How to Promote Your Blog Post in Groups and AggregatorsPublished by Kenny Novak • Content Marketing • Published February 24, 2017

I’m going to divide this post up into two main sections; one about group outreach and one about blog aggregators. Both are excellent for blog post promotion, if you use them properly. Both have the potential to backfire. And both require their own strategies to use effectively. Let’s g…

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15 Premium WordPress Plugins That Are Worth Paying ForPublished by Kenny Novak • Content Marketing • Published January 22, 2017

Most of the time on this blog, we talk specifically about ways to minimize costs and get free alternatives to paid options. When we mention premium plugins, we also discuss free options and how to get the features of a premium version for free. After all, overhead can add up when you have a dozen or more p…

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How to Scan Your WordPress Posts for Spelling ErrorsPublished by Kenny Novak • Content Marketing • Published December 20, 2016

Typos, spelling errors, and misused words can be a death sentence for your blog’s credibility. We all know we’re all human, and we all make mistakes, so the occasional typo is acceptable. Some people get more tolerance than others, as well; numerous tech bloggers with English as their…

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Review of Social Warfare: The Best Social Buttons PeriodPublished by Kenny Novak • Social Media • Published November 20, 2016

As a blogger, one of the earliest requirements you have to fill for your blog is to have social sharing buttons. Even if you aren’t trying to create and maintain a presence on a social network, other people are, and they’ll be more than happy to share your content with their friends if they…

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The 10 Best Ad Networks to Monetize Your BlogPublished by Kenny Novak • Monetization • Published October 21, 2016

If you’re looking to make money from a blog, you’re becoming a publisher for an ad network of some kind. Advertisers will pay you to put ads on your blog and refer traffic back through to them. It’s not the most lucrative possible way to make money online, but it’s by far the ea…

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5 Business Models for Blogs that Actually Make MoneyPublished by Kenny Novak • Monetization • Published September 1, 2016

It’s easy to make money from a blog, but it’s a lot harder to make money. Anyone can have a moderately successful blog, throw up a few AdWords ads, and make $1 a month. If you’re looking for a living, though, you need to really get down to the nitty gritty. You need a real business model…

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How to Add an Embed Code to Your Infographic PagePublished by Kenny Novak • Content Marketing • Published July 21, 2016

Every year data is churned out by companies who conduct surveys to measure user engagement with websites and social media.
Want to know what the fastest growing type of content is? Infographics.
When done well, an infographic combines a stylistic design, concrete images, and informative or enter…

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