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Does The Disqus Comments Plugin Slow Your Site Down?Published by Drew Hendricks • Search Engine Optimization • Published July 23, 2017

When you run a blog using WordPress, you have a handful of different options for comments. You can run the native comments system, and optionally add in something like Akismet to filter out the spam. You can run a SEO-scheme plugin like CommentLuv, to try to get some added value from an external commun…

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Should You Install Your Blog on a Separate Domain?Published by Drew Hendricks • Search Engine Optimization • Published July 13, 2017

There are two different ways you could run a blog for your website. One of them is running it on your website, which is what most people do. In this instance, it can either be a subdomain or a subfolder. That is, or
The other option is to run it separately fr…

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15 Ways to Build Free Backlinks to Your Blog PostsPublished by James Parsons • Search Engine Optimization • Published July 10, 2017

Time is money. When it comes to building a blog, or adding a blog for your business, you have to strike the right balance. Some people have a large enough profit margin to invest in services to help them grow and manage their blog. Others have to do it themselves.
When you’re looking for free sourc…

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How to Rewrite a Blog Post and Make it Rank in SearchPublished by James Parsons • Search Engine Optimization • Published June 12, 2017

Rewriting a blog post can mean two very different things, and it depends on where the source post happens to be. On the one hand, if you’re rewriting your own content, it’s a way to freshen up your old posts and get extra value out of them in the eyes of the big G. On the other hand, if the source…

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Can a Popup on Your Blog Posts Hurt Your Traffic?Published by Kenny Novak • Search Engine Optimization • Published May 29, 2017

I have talked before about how much I dislike pop-ups, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Millions of people browse the web and of them, over 70% feel that irrelevant popups are incredibly annoying.
And yet, if you try to mouse away from this site, chances are you’re going to get a pop-over…

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How to Repurpose Content and Stay SEO FriendlyPublished by James Parsons • Search Engine Optimization • Published April 30, 2017

As bloggers, we tend to figure that content has a certain lifespan. Other than the few pieces of evergreen content we create that keep some semblance of traffic going for years, most content gets a few days, a few weeks, or maybe a month or two of traffic and attention before they fall off the map. Blogs a…

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The Best WordPress SEO Plugins: 2017 EditionPublished by Drew Hendricks • Search Engine Optimization • Published March 22, 2017

There are a million articles out there about WordPress plugins, and even we have written some before. The trouble is, so many of them are so old it’s hard to tell what’s up to date and what’s not. Rather than add to the confusion and update old posts, I’ve decided to write a new…

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How to Scan a WordPress Blog for Bad External LinksPublished by James Parsons • Search Engine Optimization • Published March 2, 2017

Bad links can hurt your website, both giving and receiving. I’m not here to talk about your backlink profile today, though; rather, I’m going to focus on the links you’ve posted on your site, leading out to other sites.
There are a few ways links in this category can hurt you. The on…

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Could Your Rankings Drop if You Stop Blogging Regularly?Published by Drew Hendricks • Search Engine Optimization • Published January 29, 2017

One of the number one pieces of advice we give new bloggers around here is to set up a consistent blogging schedule. Maybe you just post once every Wednesday. Maybe you set up a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. Maybe you post five days a week, or seven. Maybe you have the staff and the content to handl…

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How to Fix a Drop in Traffic on a Blog PostPublished by James Parsons • Search Engine Optimization • Published January 15, 2017

Normally, if you look around the web for tips about a traffic drop, you’ll get a ton of information about site-wide issues. Google penalties and the like generally apply on a site-wide basis, so it makes sense to cover the issue on as broad a scale as possible.
Sometimes, though, the problem isn…

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