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How to Find Out Who Is The Owner of a BlogPublished by James Parsons • Category: Content Marketing

A lot of personal information hides on the Internet, some more public than others. Some of the most common bits of information is just the name of the owner of a website. It’s actually not all that hard to find out, but there is some variation to the process, depending on the type of site. I’m coverin…

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Pros and Cons of Using Feedburner for Your RSS FeedsPublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Content Marketing

Feedburner was launched in 2004 and was bought by Google in 2007. In the eight years since, it accumulated millions of feeds, reached new heights of RSS feed distribution, and fell out of favor. These days, if you look up their name, most of what you see is list after list of alternatives.
In such an atmo…

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Display a Fast Loading Social Share Counter on WordPressPublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Content Marketing

Our blog – this very blog you’re reading right this moment – loads very quickly. If you’re interested in seeing just how quickly, you can go to Pingdom and check out their website speed tester. I recommend using it for your own site, to see how quickly – and in what order – your content loads…

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15 Great Ideas for a WordPress Video BlogPublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Content Marketing

Some people are of the opinion that video is the way of the future. Indeed, there are people who make their entire living from regular videos posted to YouTube, and the associated advertising and merchandising opportunities. Of course, far, far more people try to start video blogs and fail. They tak…

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The Ultimate Guide to Using a Content Editorial CalendarPublished by James Parsons • Category: Content Marketing

In content marketing, a term that’s often thrown around is the editorial calendar. It’s usually used in the context of “write a post, throw it on your editorial calendar, and move on to other aspects of your marketing.” When you go out to search, you find a few plugins and it all seems self-exp…

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How to Set Up Article Auto-Posting on WordPress BlogsPublished by James Parsons • Category: Content Marketing

Scenario: you run a blog that publishes posts once a day, seven days a week. You have an important family gathering to attend for three days in the middle of the week, in a location where you will not have access to the Internet. What do you do?
Some people will bring their devices and go out of their way to f…

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The Ultimate Guide to Fighting Theft on Your BlogPublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Content Marketing

As upstanding humans, we like to think the best of each other. We give each other the benefit of the doubt. We trust each other until that trust is betrayed. We’re innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life that betrayal and guilt do happen. In this particular instance, I’…

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15 Tools to Help You Write Your Blog Posts Distraction-FreePublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Content Marketing

To some people, writing comes naturally. It’s easy to sit down, forge an idea, and craft it into a tower of words the likes of which have rarely been seen. The rest of us, well, we have to work a little harder at it.
When writing is a task, a chore, a job, it becomes quite a bit harder to actually write a post…

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Starting a Blog: How to Come up with a Name for Your BlogPublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Content Marketing

Perhaps one of the most formative and pivotal decisions you can make when you’re starting a blog is the choice of name. Blogs all throughout the Internet have all sorts of names, from to to acronyms to nonsensical phrases and mashups of words. Some use altern…

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6 Steps to Run a Content Marketing Campaign on a BudgetPublished by James Parsons • Category: Content Marketing

Studies have shown that over 90% of all B2C marketers use content marketing these days. Those studies don’t say how expensive it is or how successful they are, but one thing’s for sure; it wouldn’t be that widely adopted if it didn’t work.
I know that small businesses, and sometimes even dece…

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