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The Pros and Cons of WordPress Multisite vs ManageWPPublished by James Parsons • Content Marketing • Published October 29, 2015

Have you ever wondered how some of the largest blog networks out there do it? How they manage all the disparate sites and users? I did, once, so I took a look at Gawker media. They have a bunch of different sites, like Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Kotaku and Io9. They have a unique and consistent look, which indi…

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How to Do Bulk Influencer Outreach on a BudgetPublished by James Parsons • Content Marketing • Published October 20, 2015

Who needs to be popular to get their posts seen by a huge audience? The answer is; not you. You can be a small business with an audience of 10,000 on Facebook, and you can reach millions of people if you play your cards right. That’s what influencer outreach is all about. This blog might not have a ma…

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50 Ways to Get More Social Shares on Your Blog PostsPublished by James Parsons • Content Marketing • Published October 17, 2015

Social shares are the key to going viral. It’s a low-impact form of engagement users can do to show support for your content, your brand, and your business. It’s also a way they can share something they find funny with their friends, or something they feel deserves attention. You want yo…

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35 Advanced Methods to Promote Content on Social MediaPublished by Kenny Novak • Content Marketing • Published October 8, 2015

One of the things we marketers say consistently is that the route to success online these days is through content. Write excellent content and the rewards are yours for the taking. People will find it, and find you, through organic search. You’ll gain social prominence. Your business will gr…

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A List of Content Title Idea Generators That Actually WorkPublished by James Parsons • Content Marketing • Published October 1, 2015

Blogging is hard work, and the hardest part about it is coming up with what to write. The easiest way to guide your content is to come up with catchy titles, particularly when you’ve covered all of the basic and intermediate topics related to your industry. Title generators can help a lot with th…

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Why You Shouldn’t Accept Money for a Guest Post on Your SitePublished by James Parsons • Content Marketing • Published September 29, 2015

Guest posting is one of the most controversial of the legitimate techniques for brand building, link building and SEO. It has a rocky history, from legitimacy to a raging pushback spurred on by Matt Cutts, to its current position as a maligned but valuable process.
The problem with guest posting is h…

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How to Properly Combine Old Posts Into New ResourcesPublished by Kenny Novak • Content Marketing • Published September 27, 2015

With Panda in play, there are a lot of reasons to pay attention to your older blog posts. Old thin content or old copied content can be actively hurting your search ranking, but there’s no easy way to identify if that’s the case or not. Even the best “Panda penalty checker” ou…

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How to Successfully Bring an Old Website Back to LifePublished by James Parsons • Content Marketing • Published September 23, 2015

The internet is littered with the corpses and shells of old websites. Many disappear entirely. Some end up as parked domains. Some still have enough attention to keep the bills paid, the lights on, but no one home.
Maybe you own one of those old shells. Maybe you’re looking to buy a website on the…

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What is The Best Way to Start Making Money By Blogging?Published by Kenny Novak • Content Marketing • Published September 17, 2015

The work from home dream is, for many, most easily achieved with blogging. If you can write, research, and share your knowledge with the words you write, you can be a successful blogger.
That said, you need to go about it the right way, with knowledge and patience, if you want to succeed. Many of the most…

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Is it Better to Post Fewer Long Articles or More Short Articles?Published by James Parsons • Content Marketing • Published September 16, 2015

This question is one many bloggers struggle with on a daily basis. On one hand, you have frequent updates, which are generally considered to be valuable to SEO. After all, every piece of content you post is an opportunity to be found in organic search, linked to on other blogs, and shared on social medi…

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