How to Get Google Sitelinks on Your Blog Published by James ParsonsSearch Engine Optimization • Posted January 14, 2016

Sitelinks are a little known SEO benefit that I see a lot of webmasters ignoring, either out of ignorance or out of a lack of confidence. Why is that? Well, you have to know what they are and how they’re generated to understand.

What are Google Sitelinks?
Sometimes, when you run a Google search, y…

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Why Social Buttons Slow Down Your Website’s Load Time Published by Kenny NovakSocial Media • Posted January 11, 2016

It’s a well known fact that Google uses page load times as an SEO factor. It’s also well known that a good way to increase your search ranking is to get a deeper social media presence, and to do that, you need social sharing buttons on your website.
The problem is, these two goals are at odds.…

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Is CommentLuv Still Worth Using Over Plugins Like Disqus? Published by James ParsonsContent Marketing • Posted January 7, 2016

CommentLuv is one of the many alternate comment plugins available for WordPress. We’ve written about it before on this very site. You can read more about how it works and what it does to your SEO in that post, but I’ll cover the basic details here so you don’t have to if you don&rsquo…

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15 Types of Effective Calls to Action to Use on Your Blog Published by Kenny NovakContent Marketing • Posted January 4, 2016

Your call to action is the driving force behind your conversions. It’s like a medieval war horn blown to rally the troops and drive them into the fight. It is, literally, a call for your audience to perform an action.
A great orator can deliver a speech and have people rallying for their cause. Ma…

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Our Review of All in One Rich Snippets Published by Kenny NovakSearch Engine Optimization • Posted January 2, 2016

There are three keywords going on here, all of which have specific meanings, and none of which are actually what we’re talking about. Still with me?
The first: all in one. This doesn’t seem like a unique keyword at first glance, but those well-versed in SEO and in WordPress plugins will r…

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Why Business Blogging is The Best Investment You Can Make Published by James ParsonsContent Marketing • Posted December 29, 2015

“Your business needs a blog if you ever want to compete online.” Ever heard that one before? I have. It’s really common business advice to anyone selling internet marketing services, web design, freelance writing, or anything else that benefits from your business having a blo…

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Review of A Fast Loading and Clean Comment System Published by James ParsonsContent Marketing • Posted December 24, 2015

Do you have comments enabled for your blog? You should. Personally, I think they’re great in pretty much every situation. Sure, they take a little upkeep, but what doesn’t? Cutting them off entirely removes a channel of engagement, and engagement is too good to ignore. Blog comments c…

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25+ Free Plugins to Help You Auto Share Your New Blog Posts Published by Kenny NovakSocial Media • Posted December 21, 2015

One of the best things you can do when you publish a new blog post is publish a link to that post on the various social networks you use. It keeps up your social activity – though you do need non-promotional posts occasionally – and it spreads awareness of your new post. The trouble is, it can…

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What Kind of Content Should You Write on a Business Blog? Published by James ParsonsContent Marketing • Posted December 16, 2015

There are thousands of blog posts written about why you, as a business owner, need a blog for your business. There’s a huge amount of information about why you need one, how to set one up, how to run one, how to grow one, and all the rest. There’s just one problem; what do you write?
The proble…

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15 Tips Copywriters Use to Create Perfect Blog Headlines Published by Kenny NovakContent Marketing • Posted December 14, 2015

Your blog headline is possibly the most important part of a blog post. The reason is that everyone reads headlines, but very few people click through to keep reading the post. From a Google search page, you get a headline and a quick blurb to help you attract readers, and many users ignore the descripti…

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