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How to Check Your Social Media Traffic in Google Analytics Published by Drew Hendricks • Resources • Published March 14, 2017

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for measuring and tracking your audience, though many of the advanced reports and features require some setup to use. If you want to see specifically how your social media traffic is doing, you can do it, so long as you set everything up properly.

Step 1: Install Go…

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6 Ways to Spell and Grammar Check Your Blog Posts Published by Drew Hendricks • Content Marketing • Published February 12, 2017

Human error is the one constant throughout all of human history. No one is exempt from error, though some errors are larger than others. In the world of blogging, errors can be factual, they can live in code, or they can be baked into the text.
Spelling and grammar are, well, quite difficult. English is…

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Could Your Rankings Drop if You Stop Blogging Regularly? Published by Drew Hendricks • Search Engine Optimization • Published January 29, 2017

One of the number one pieces of advice we give new bloggers around here is to set up a consistent blogging schedule. Maybe you just post once every Wednesday. Maybe you set up a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. Maybe you post five days a week, or seven. Maybe you have the staff and the content to handl…

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Tutorial: Use An RSS Aggregator For Traffic Generation Published by Drew Hendricks • Resources • Published January 1, 2017

RSS is an older technology that is nevertheless still used in some segments of the internet population. The advent of social media took a lot of wind out of its sails, but it can still be used as a pretty effective means of traffic generation, if you know what to do. First, though, let’s cover the b…

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How to See Who Has Liked and Shared Your Blog Post Published by Drew Hendricks • Social Media • Published December 6, 2016

Small businesses are often concerned with details that may or may not actually be all that relevant. Sometimes, though, they strike upon a vein of gold in the bedrock of dross. One such vein is the idea of looking through your blog posts and seeing who, exactly, shared them.
This can be useful in a few wa…

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Where is The Best Location to Install Share Buttons on a Blog? Published by Drew Hendricks • Resources • Published November 2, 2016

If you’ve been around the internet for a while, you’ve probably seen social media sharing buttons all over the place. I certainly have. I’m looking at a site right now with two of them up in the top bar navigation. Sites have them in the footer, down with the pseudo-sitemap so many s…

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How to Use Alexa to Find High Traffic Blog Topics Published by Drew Hendricks • Content Marketing • Published October 5, 2016

I have gone on record a few times before about how Alexa’s Ranking, the ranking they give sites on some sort of global scale, is a pretty valueless metric. It’s not representative of all demographics, and as such is skewed towards certain types of sites. It’s flawed and it shouldn…

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5 Alternatives to The AddThis Share Buttons WordPress Plugin Published by Drew Hendricks • Resources • Published September 30, 2016

AddThis is a package of social sharing buttons for your WordPress blog. They have a four different types of buttons to chose from.

The first is the traditional sidebar sharing buttons, which allow users to share the blog post they’re reading on the social network of their choice.
The second is…

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How to Blog Effectively While Traveling Abroad Published by Drew Hendricks • Content Marketing • Published September 16, 2016

Blogging around the world is pretty common. Many high profile entrepreneurs travel a lot, across the country and around the world. They attend conventions, they give speeches, they meet with investors, and a lot more. All the while, they keep their blogs up to date. Some of them make it clear when the…

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Beginners Guide to Writing a Blog Post in WordPress Published by Drew Hendricks • Content Marketing • Published August 25, 2016

WordPress is one of the top blogging platforms for a lot of different reasons. One of them is the ease of use. It’s pretty easy to get some basic hosting, throw up a WordPress blog, slap on a theme and a couple of plugins, and go to town. You can have a fully functional blog up and running in just a few h…

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