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The 100 Question Content Marketing and Promotion Checklist Published by James Parsons • Content Marketing • Published October 27, 2016

Producing a piece of content can be a lengthy process, fraught with obstacles, and it can feel great to finally get one done that’s up to your standards. Once you get the process down, of course, you can pump them out quite quickly, but it takes a lot of practice to get to that point.
The battle isn&…

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Why It Can Take Years to See Results from Blogging Published by James Parsons • Content Marketing • Published October 16, 2016

It might seem odd coming from a site about helping people blog, but one thing I’m going to talk about today is just how difficult it is to be a blogger these days. The Internet is old, as far as technology goes. Sure, there are seven billion people in the world, and most of them use the internet, but t…

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A Comprehensive Review of Long Tail Pro Software Published by James Parsons • Resources • Published September 12, 2016

If you’re running a site, you’re going to encounter the phrase “keyword research” all over the place. While I’m not a fan of keyword density and specific keyword utilization strategies, even I can’t deny the need for keyword research on a blog. It’s w…

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What is Considered a Good Bounce Rate for a Blog? Published by James Parsons • Resources • Published September 5, 2016

Bounce rate is a tricky metric to measure, talk about, and optimize. The reason for this is that there are two different kinds of bounces, good and bad. Obviously, you want to minimize the bad bounces, but good bounces are fine. Unfortunately there’s no way to tell them apart from analytics. So…

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How Many Times Should You Include Keywords in Your Post Published by James Parsons • Search Engine Optimization • Published August 18, 2016

Keywords are very important to modern day SEO, but not in the way you might think. Part of the reason people get a false impression, though, is because they’re reading information about it online without regard for publication date.
Forgive me while I go off on a slight tangent before we&#8217…

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10 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Growing Fast Enough Published by James Parsons • Content Marketing • Published August 4, 2016

Once, I decided to count the number of stars in the sky. I was young, and had the patience of a particularly energetic puppy, so I didn’t get very far. My conclusion was that there were at LEAST 15 stars up there. While true, it was a pretty vast understatement.
If you tried to count the number of blo…

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How to Email Bloggers After You Publish a Post Published by James Parsons • Content Marketing • Published July 28, 2016

When you publish a new post, who sees it? Who discovers it? If the first visitor you get is Google and you’re waiting for organic traffic to arrive, you’re missing out on some great opportunities. If you’re relying on paid advertising to get your exposure, you’re probably…

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How to Find Blog Article Topics with High Search Traffic Published by James Parsons • Content Marketing • Published June 28, 2016

One of the hardest parts of managing a blog is keeping up with the flow of ideas. If you’re publishing one blog post per day, seven days a week, you’re pulling 365 ideas – unique, valid, and interesting ideas – per year. If you run two blogs, you double that. If those blogs are n…

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Should You Remove The Tags on Your WordPress Blog? Published by James Parsons • Content Marketing • Published June 24, 2016

When it comes to correctly organizing your WordPres site, there’s a lot to know. You start with the basics — What kind of site you want to have, how many posts a week you want to write, if you’re offering paid services or just content, if you want advertising, how to correctly use ima…

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11 Ways to Integrate a Shop and Sell Products on Your Blog Published by James Parsons • Monetization • Published June 11, 2016

There are many ways to make money running a blog. You can run ads that pay you per view or per click. You can set up affiliate marketing and get paid when people click your links. You can “sell” products as a middleman with a dropshipping scheme. You can sell your services as a consultant or a…

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