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Finding Low-Hanging Fruit in Content Marketing and BloggingPublished by Drew Hendricks • Content Marketing • Published August 16, 2019

The term “low-hanging fruit” comes literally from fruit. Fruit trees get pretty big, and the easiest fruit to reach is the fruit that hangs low enough to be within your grasp. It’s easy stuff to get, you only have to put in the effort of reaching up and grabbing it. You don’t h…

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How to Keep Yourself From Getting Bored While BloggingPublished by Drew Hendricks • Content Marketing • Published July 19, 2019

For some, blogging is like a dream come true. You can make a living – a good living – from home! All it takes is some web hosting, a little technical know-how, and the ability to write blog posts on a regular basis. There’s nothing to it!
Well, the golden age of blogging is long over by n…

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15 Tricks to Improve the Rankings of Your Blog PostsPublished by Drew Hendricks • Content Marketing • Published July 7, 2019

The entire point of marketing is to get more eyes on your product and more money in the bank, and one of the best ways to do that is with organic search engine marketing. Having your website show up on the Google search results – and the other search engines as well – is going to give you a bette…

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How to Size Your Blog Post Images for Pinterest PinsPublished by Drew Hendricks • Content Marketing • Published June 20, 2019

One of the primary benefits that Pinterest has over other social networks is the ability to add Pinterest “pin this” buttons to the images in your blog posts. Since all of your blog posts are going to have images, it’s just one additional call to action.
The best part of these pin bu…

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Guide to Fix Your WordPress Google Mobile Usability ErrorsPublished by Drew Hendricks • Resources • Published May 27, 2019

It’s not news to say that Google is pushing heavily towards a mobile internet. They’ve seen the writing on the wall. Over 50% of web usage takes place on mobile devices now, with the number actually closer to 60% these days. If you don’t have a mobile-accessible website, you&#821…

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15 Ways to Start a Mommy Blog That Actually Earns MoneyPublished by Drew Hendricks • Monetization • Published May 2, 2019

There are two major powerhouses in the world of blogging. One is the marketing blogger niche, the people who analyze the trends, who set the stage, who push forward and explore the unknown every day.
The other is the mommy blogger niche. These are the bloggers who truly put all the advice into practice…

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Steemit vs Medium: Which Platform Is Better Than The Other?Published by Drew Hendricks • Content Marketing • Published April 22, 2019

The world of online blogging platforms is surprisingly cutthroat. I’m not even talking about the competition inherent in setting up your own blog. I mean the competition between platforms. If you want to set up a new blog, where do you turn? Do you go to Blogger? Medium? Steemi…

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List of The Best Tailwind Blog Promotion TribesPublished by Drew Hendricks • Content Marketing • Published April 4, 2019

Pinterest is one of those social networks that isn’t widely used amongst certain niches, but is the number one network for others. If you haven’t used it, it’s something you may want to consider. If you do use it, you should probably look at some of the powerful tools you can use to s…

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Is The Jetpack WordPress Plugin a Free or Paid Download?Published by Drew Hendricks • Content Marketing • Published March 24, 2019

Pretty much every list of the top WordPress plugins out there will either include Jetpack or will discount it because everyone knows about it. DOES everyone know about it? If not, I’m here to discuss it and what it brings to the table. After all, no one is born with all of their knowledge; you have…

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The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Medium ArticlesPublished by Drew Hendricks • Content Marketing • Published March 3, 2019

Medium is a very interesting platform for businesses. It’s a blogging platform, and in some senses, it’s really not much different from using a blog on your own site. It breaks a lot of rules and it makes some new ones, and some brands have used it to turn content marketing on its head. Do yo…

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