Create an Automatic Email Newsletter from Your Blog Posts Published by Drew HendricksResources • Posted July 17, 2016

There are many rules in the world of blogging, whether you have a business that includes a blog, or you blog as a business.
Making sure you guest post effectively is one of them.
Another is to create compelling content within your niche, because, well, you really should be doing that.
The third —…

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15 Free Alternatives to SumoMe’s Software Suite Published by Drew HendricksResources • Posted July 6, 2016

SumoMe is a suite of apps that serve a bunch of different purposes for marketing, business growth, and all-around benefit to your brand. They have a list builder, heatmaps, sharing, discovery tools, analytics, conversion optimization, a scroll-triggered CTA, image sharing, a smart bar for emai…

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How to Find Blog Article Topics with High Search Traffic Published by James ParsonsContent Marketing • Posted June 28, 2016

One of the hardest parts of managing a blog is keeping up with the flow of ideas. If you’re publishing one blog post per day, seven days a week, you’re pulling 365 ideas – unique, valid, and interesting ideas – per year. If you run two blogs, you double that. If those blogs are n…

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Should You Remove The Tags on Your WordPress Blog? Published by James ParsonsContent Marketing • Posted June 24, 2016

When it comes to correctly organizing your WordPres site, there’s a lot to know. You start with the basics — What kind of site you want to have, how many posts a week you want to write, if you’re offering paid services or just content, if you want advertising, how to correctly use ima…

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Why Share Counters Show Your Blog Post Has 0 Shares Published by Kenny NovakSocial Media • Posted June 22, 2016

Social sharing plugins are a staple of modern blogs. They help you grow by subtly insisting that your readers take action to promote you via a social share or two. You don’t have to make it in your face; just displaying the button with the share count is generally enough. People see that you have X…

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How to Train an Employee to Write for Your Company Blog Published by Drew HendricksContent Marketing • Posted June 15, 2016

Content marketing has always been popular, but in recent years the field has been doused in rocket fuel and set on fire. There’s the upswing of content marketing on a general level — any company that doesn’t have a blog is not seen as having a voice in its industry.
Then there are the…

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11 Ways to Integrate a Shop and Sell Products on Your Blog Published by James ParsonsMonetization • Posted June 11, 2016

There are many ways to make money running a blog. You can run ads that pay you per view or per click. You can set up affiliate marketing and get paid when people click your links. You can “sell” products as a middleman with a dropshipping scheme. You can sell your services as a consultant or a…

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Our Review of Quality and Pricing from Constant Content Published by James ParsonsContent Marketing • Posted June 7, 2016

There are many options available if you want to buy articles online. We’ve reviewed some of them before. Today, the one I’m going to talk about is Constant Content.
Not to be confused with the email service provider Constant Contact, Constant Content is a marketplace for content. Writ…

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How to Install Responsive Social Buttons on Your Blog Published by Drew HendricksSocial Media • Posted June 2, 2016

One of the most basic things you can do to integrate your social media accounts and your website is install social sharing buttons. However, there are probably well over a hundred different plugins and methods for using social sharing buttons out there, and many of them are out of date. They look perf…

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A Comparison of Contently vs Textbroker vs iWriter Published by James ParsonsContent Marketing • Posted May 28, 2016

The life of a blogger is one filled with work. Imagine if you’re posting one blog post per day, five days per week. That’s 260 blog posts. Each post is, say, 2,500 words. That’s 650,000 words of writing. If it takes you an hour to write 1,000 words, that’s 27 solid days worth of…

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