How to Breathe Life into Your Old Blog PostsPublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Content Marketing

One of the biggest reasons why evergreen content is so in focus in the last few years is because it’s content that lives forever. The alternative – and the content most blogs have for the majority of their content – is content that lives for a few weeks or months before it’s supplanted by someth…

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The Ultimate Guide to Using Nofollow on Your Blog PostsPublished by James Parsons • Category: Content Marketing

Depending on how much attention you’ve paid to your links over the last few years, you may be in for a surprise when you learn about nofollow. Nofollow is a meta attribute that can be attached to links, to give them different properties when Google discovers them. It’s a modifier; the default vers…

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How Deleting Bad Blog Post Content Can Increase TrafficPublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Content Marketing

The Internet is pretty old, as far as these things go. There are websites that have been running for half a decade, a decade, or significantly longer. Some of these old sites are growing increasingly concerned with business, marketing, and SEO.
One issue that comes up fairly frequently is the idea of…

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50+ Places You Can Share Your Latest Blog PostPublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Content Marketing

Once you’ve written a new blog post, the real fun begins. It’s time to tell everyone you know about it! I’ve compiled a huge list of places you can share or syndicate your post once you’re done with it. Some are obvious, some are niche, and some you’ve never heard of before. Explore them a…

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30 Tools for Advanced Content Marketers and BloggersPublished by James Parsons • Category: Content Marketing

Content marketing is not a simple task. It’s a complex machine with ever-changing rules in a system that’s never static. To try to do everything solo, by hand, is an exercise in futility. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. That’s why there are tools for just about every possible a…

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10 Advanced Article Marketing Techniques for BloggersPublished by James Parsons • Category: Content Marketing

Too many bloggers seem to adopt a “If I publish it, they will come” attitude with their content. They hear that content marketing is important, they see that keeping up with a blog is the primary driving force, and they end there. If we’re lucky, they’ve decided that posting to Facebook and Tw…

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A Huge List of Places to Share Your New Blog PostsPublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Content Marketing

Promoting a blog post once you’ve written it is the most critical part of building a presence online. Just putting it up on your blog isn’t enough. That’s like throwing a party at your house and everyone is invited, but you don’t bother to send out invitations or call anyone. No one knows about…

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Syndr or Onlywire: Which Service Works Better?Published by Kenny Novak • Category: Content Marketing

When I set out to write this article, I intended to compare and contrast the features of Syndr versus the features of Onlywire in order to determine which is better for a marketer. As it turns out, however, Syndr isn’t so much a stand-alone product. It requires an account with a different service, ei…

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How to Use Buffer to Schedule Your Tweets and PostsPublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Content Marketing

We’ve talked a lot about Buffer on this blog, and it’s been written about far and wide; such is the fate of one of the most popular social scheduling tools. Still, so many people talk about it in high concept, abstract terms, with little in the way of concrete guides and firsthand experience.
The pr…

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Can You Autoshare Your New Posts in WordPress?Published by Kenny Novak • Category: Content Marketing

Running a blog on WordPress is great because there are so many ways you can use to save yourself time. Plugins for everything exist, from sharing posts to translating content to optimizing SEO fields.
I guess I just gave the game away, huh? Yes, you can autoshare your posts in WordPress.
All you need is…

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