How to Use Buffer to Schedule Your Tweets and PostsPublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Content Marketing

We’ve talked a lot about Buffer on this blog, and it’s been written about far and wide; such is the fate of one of the most popular social scheduling tools. Still, so many people talk about it in high concept, abstract terms, with little in the way of concrete guides and firsthand experience.
The pr…

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Can You Autoshare Your New Posts in WordPress?Published by Kenny Novak • Category: Content Marketing

Running a blog on WordPress is great because there are so many ways you can use to save yourself time. Plugins for everything exist, from sharing posts to translating content to optimizing SEO fields.
I guess I just gave the game away, huh? Yes, you can autoshare your posts in WordPress.
All you need is…

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Is Offering Paid Posts a Bad Idea for Blog Monetization?Published by Kenny Novak • Category: Content Marketing

I am of two minds about paid blogging. On one hand, it’s a good way to get more content from your blog, and it’s a good way to monetize that blog. Done properly, there aren’t any SEO issues to worry about. It’s safe, effective, and lucrative.
On the other hand, very, very few people do it right. I h…

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How to Get Free Blog Post Images Without StealingPublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Content Marketing

Did you know that when you perform a Google image search, you can’t just take and use any image you like on your blog? It’s true! Google indexes anything. They don’t limit themselves to just images you can use. In order to use an image on your blog, you need to have rights to it. There are a few ways yo…

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3 Free Blog Post Syndication Plugins Like OnlywirePublished by James Parsons • Category: Social Media

Onlywire is a pretty good social syndication program, allowing you to post a blog post and have it publish on as many as 50 different social media sites at the same time. I don’t recommend using it in such a scattershot way, but that’s what it’s there to do, and if that’s what you want to do then so…

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How to Get a Count of Your Total Social Media SharesPublished by James Parsons • Category: Social Media

When you post an article and it gets 3 shares on Facebook, 7 on Twitter and 2 on Google+, is that good or bad? How does it compare to your other posts? How does it add to your overall total?
Without an accurate count of social shares, you don’t know. You might know that on average your posts are shared 5 tim…

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Clickbank vs Commission Junction: Which Earns More?Published by Kenny Novak • Category: Content Marketing

Among affiliate networks, two of the biggest names are Clickbank and Commission Junction. That is, they used to be; Commission Junction changed names and rebranded; they are now known as CJ Affiliate by Conversant. To keep things straight, throughout this piece I’ll refer to it simply as CJ.

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5 Tricks to Get More RSS Readers OvernightPublished by James Parsons • Category: Content Marketing

RSS was really big for a while, and then it dropped in terms of both utility and widespread utilization. That said, it’s still widely used and it’s still a really useful system for some blogs in some industries. If you’re in a fast-paced realm where time is of the essence, having an immediate not…

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How to Automate Emails to Your Blog SubscribersPublished by James Parsons • Category: Content Marketing

Email automation is a tricky thing. When done properly, it makes managing a mailing list virtually effortless. When done poorly, it dumps your messages into the spam folder and blacklists your domain in the common mail clients. Obviously, you’d prefer the first over the second.
First of all, you…

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Buffer vs Hootsuite: Comparing Cost and EffectivenessPublished by Kenny Novak • Category: Social Media

Buffer and Hootsuite are both compelling, high-profile platforms that link into your social media accounts and help you manage them across numerous sites and profiles. They allow you to streamline your management and collaborate with teams, should you desire. They have similar price points, si…

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